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of government. philadelphia, boston, new york city, all being affected. we have some estimates that there could be 500,000 trips just cancelled. that is $600 million in lost revenue because people are doing their business. that is a lot of money. >> gregg: a slowdown or shut down in the financial markets. you got that aspect. what about insurance companies? >> very interesting because basically insurance premiums have been going up wildly in the last few years. 5% just in the past year. 22% since 2007. so you can expect upon renewal even if nothing happened to your home, it is very likely that you could see a premium increase. it's been happening for years now. >> gregg: the front of the storm's impact will be felt on the national insurance program which is part of fema. they paid out $1.28 billion in losses last year from irene making it the fourth costly experienced? >> this is will be worse. three storms. we've never seen anything like this. it's definitely going to be devastating. >> gregg: i was reading forbes, i wish we could put it on o up the scream. beside for potential life and safety
that are going on across the government. and as soon as that information is available and final report is completed, that will be released. but this is not time to treat it like a football. american people deserve that. >> and thank you for joining us. and i know you have a crowd behind you and a busy weekend for all of you. wish you all of the best. >> it will be. >> thank you for joining us. >> 25 million people in district of columbia will vote early in the election. a third of all votes are expected to be cast before the actual election day. did you vote early and was it worth it or do you follow a traditional path and wait until election day? tweet your answers at hurricaneuma. i would love to read your answers later on in the show. >>> and turning to a story that raises concern. the storm after the storm. there are more than 900,000 people who don't have power in new york and new jersey. residents are pleading for help for the basics to getting food and water and shelter and now news that another winter storm is on the way. many people in the area may not have power for another w
with them. i'll meet w them and do the hard working of governing? >> in the two years i have been there. i have not seen the president to be a leader and work at all with the congress. he has decided not do that because he cannot run on his record. he has broken promises and failed policy. he can't run on his record. what does he do? if he tries to turn it away and try to divert it to something else. we see it today, campaigning on small things, trying to make the governor look unsuccessful. he was successful governor. >> and talking about big bird and binders -- okay, we can't go there. thank you representative diane black, a romney surrogate. >> good to see you as well. >> jamie: fox extreme weather alert. hurricane sandy is closing in on the eastern seaboard. there is rain falling on north carolina's outer banks and winds are picking up ahead of a massive system. it's just the beginning of what some forecasters are calling a serious and potentially deadly storm. elizabeth pran is live where folks are preparing for sandy's arrival. tell us more. >> reporter: that is right. officials tell
the military immediately and not wonder whether he offended the libyan government. who gives a darn if you offend the libyan government if american lives are at stake, particularly if they demonstrated in the months before they could not protect that consulate. that's why it's important to know whether the president know about the prior attacks? because if he did know, then his inaction is totally inexcusable. >> uma: mr. mayor, it's a pleasure to have you on the show today. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> uma: i know you've got a very busy weekend and hope to see you soon and i know you're going to be watching the results very closely come tuesday, thank you. >> thank you, uma, thank you very much. >> uma: well, everybody's been saying the unemployment rate has risen again. showing how listless the economy is. and the labor department showing two green arrows, while 171,000 jobs were created last month. the other green arrow seems to be the problem that the unemployment rate went up to 7.9%, fair and balanced, angela mcglowan and former spokesman for howard de
and no one was seriously injured. >> the federal government is supposed to funnel billions to. and rumors are flying about the impact the deal could have on the presidential election. doug has the story from gulf shore, alabama. two years since the worst ecological disaster the beaches are pristeen but the pol tibs are not. >> chicago style politics at its worst. >> closed doors negotiations are underway. between the governors and the justice department to determine how much bp will be fined. it will be four billion to 20 billion dollars. last june, congress passed the restore act and requires that it will be allotted by the local officials. >> we were closed for the summer of 20 thereto 10. it is our year. we are a seasonal destination. >> we came off a building bubble. and hurricane and financial crisis and we were broke. >> and sources close to the talks tell fox news that justice department negotiators are ignoring the restore act and will want to steer it through the natural resources damage estimate that require federal and not local officials to pass out the money and limit to only
and dealing with increasing government spending and increasing taxes. that goes to mitt romney's platform. >> all right. ryan, let me talk to you right now. we know the president won colorado in 2008. he gave his accentance speech in denver. let's look at the break down. we have five million people in colorado. 81% white and 4% african-american and 20% latino which is strong support for the president. we don't want to do this along color lines because the president is the president of the united states of america. however, let's look at the demographic break down and tell me, ryan, how you think it plays for the president there in colorado. >> especially with the rising latino electorat in this country, specifically in states like colorado and out west, the bullying of the right wing is coming home to roost for the republican party. opposing a road map to citizenship and standing in the way of the dream act is not the way to win over the vote of new american immigrants most of whom moved here to raise a family in a land of freedom and opportunity. and they are overtly hostile to immigrant
government support, from fema, including rescue helicopters, if needed. we will have regular updates throughout the rest of the hour. >> jamie: when you sit down for dinner and the phone starts ringing and it may be a debt collector. sometimes they even call you at work. if you are having financial trouble, you should 99 know, there is a way to get rid of offensive and sometimes illegal ways to try to get the money that you owe. starting next year in january, the government will be able to oversee business practices as -- of the major collection agencies. i want you to know your rights, so you can take charge. patrick morris is the ceo of the american collectors association, it's great to see you. collectors are not always a bad term or bad people, they are doing their job. what can they do? whenurn the new regutions will they not be able to do? >> thank you, jamie. i appreciate you having me here on this busy news day. the essentially, what the bureau's new rule will allow is the new consumer bureau to come in and examine large participants as they define them. it doesn't really cha
they looked like, the u.s. government is in possession of that video. and it would shed some light on who it is that is behind the attack. what we have been reporting and we have a source that was present during the attack on the annex, the cia annex, about a half a mile-- the second location, away from the consulate, about a half a mile away, i'm told, on foot, about a mile, if you drive. our source is telling us that about 9:40 p.m., they placed their first radio contact from the annex, saying they were hearing gunfire and wanted permission to engage and to go to the consulate. they were told by their base captain to stand down. that base captain was on the radio to the station chief in tripply, as well as -- and the assumption was that the station chief was in touch with our headquarters. one hour -- less than an hour later, about 10:30 p.m., the again -- the team that included tyrone woods and about five others requested permission, they wanted to go and help at the consulate. they imbue that the ambassador was missing and they were taking fire. they were again told to stand down by t
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)